Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The never ending list of WIP's

I wonder how many quilters do not have a list of Works in Progress (WIP) or unfinished quilts. If you don't have a long WIP list, you have my utmost respect. How do you do it? My list is so long it reaches, hypothetically, from the sky to the ground...at least that's what if feels like most of the time.

The other thing that I do, is collect fabric for "future quilts". I have piles and piles of fabric that belongs to quilts that I need to make in the future. Will I ever get to make them? Who knows?

I had to move house 2 years ago and decided that I was not going to pack fabric (and books) that I had not used or looked at in 2 years. That cut down my stash substantially. Needless to say, it is slowly building up again. There is a very good series of articles by Dena Crain on Time Saving for Quilters. One of her articles is on stash management both as a time saving tool and a financial management tool - very wise words from her. I would do well to pay attention.

Of course, there is a small caveat here. My business partner and I own a small hand-dyed fabric start-up called TwigaDudu. We often dye fabric both for sale and, just because we can... we both love playing with colour. I'll leave it up to you to consider how much fabric is lying at home (excluding the fabric for sale). A hint.... my kids often used to use the word "over-countable" when they were younger. Is my fabric stash headed that way? Who knows? I'm too busy working out when to finish my current WIPs to even start quantifying my stash.

Now for the photo of the day....below is a photo taken the day we went Sani Pass to play in the snow. I live in Africa - what's snow? This photo was taken by Adrian, my business partner's young son. I love the placement of the 2 rocks with piles of snow on top of them. Notice how the water is moving round the rocks. This photo was taken of the main road up Sani Pass at the South African border post, between South Africa and Lesotho. About 10 centimetres of snow had fallen the day before, covering the road. Mmmm - I wonder how many of the browns (and greens) in the photo, I can match to fabric in my stash?


Unknown said...

He, he, he...

I don't quilt but do woodwork; the "perfect" pieces of wood for a future project is also piiling up. I don't seem to get to the point where I get my teeth into those projects.

I love to see and drive the Sani Pass when there is snow. Did it one summer that was already an experience worth writing home about.

Enjoy your quilting.


Anonymous said...

It looks like the 10 cm didn't last long! That's the kind of snow to have. WIPs? I have no idea what you're talking about. Ha, ha, ha! Stash? Ditto. =) And I am not dying any for sale, just keeping it all for me!