Thursday, 15 May 2008

Darned quilts

I am taking a class through Online University called "Darned Quilts". It is awesome. Dena Crain is a wonderful person. I would recommend everyone who has the opportunity to do a course with her. I think I have finally found the vehicle to portray my little African tribal dog called Niyka - see photo of her below. She is a brindled AfriCanis. She is lying sleeping on the back legs of my Giant Schnauzer. Ok.... the red Persian carpet is not such a good place to take a photo of a brindled dog. :LOL

The next photo is the backround of my Darned Quilt - the next steps are to embellish the backround which I shall do this weekend........ As always, my fabric is hand dyed and comes from Amafu in South Africa. Glenda from Amafu produces the most amazing fabric.