Monday, 16 June 2008

My African Dream

I seem to have an obsession with my little African Tribal Dog, Niyka :LOL. Here is another quilt that she has inspired. For this quilt I have used only African fabrics. The fabrics were either designed and printed in South Africa or West Africa. The basic design is made up of string piecing blocks which are sewn together in strips of 4 blocks across. I have then cross cut these strips with wavy lines and inserted black stripes - to signify Niyka's stripes. I am going to quilt the top with circles signifying the "Circle of Life". The top is no longer square - any ideas how to get it square again? I am not keen on wetting the quilt as the colours might run.......

The quilting is finally done. I quilted spirals all over the top to represent the circle of life. The spirals are uneven - is life ever smooth and even :D
Now I just have to put the binding and sleeve on and then the quilt is done. I am really pleased with the way it has turned out - even if I say so myself :-)

Then it is onto the next project....... if I can get my back to behave.......

This quilt is finally finished!!!! I can't believe it. It is a success even if I say so myself. A celebration of the richness and variety of Africa. I am passionate about Africa.