Sunday, 30 December 2007

Sewing, sewing and more sewing.......

I am getting quite stressed out about all the sewing I have to do - 5 quilts to finish and duvet covers, sheets and pillow cases etc to make as well as loads of uniforms to mark. My eldest son is off to boarding school next year - it is amazing how much gear he needs for school. Marking uniforms is not fun but it has to be done so I suppose I need to take a deep breath, relax and start at one end and slowly work my way through the pile of stuff that needs doing. I think I am also getting quite anxious about him leaving home and going away to school - he is only 10 years old. Before you ask, why he is going to boarding school so young, he has gained acceptance into one of the best boys' choir schools in the world..... what an awesome opportunity for him. We cannot deny him it but.....the reality is that he is leaving home at 10 years old. I am starting to feel quite sad about it......... About the deep breath etc......

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Venda Mats Print

I went shopping for fabric on last saturday morning and, guess what I found....... some ethnic African fabric. The print is called Venda Mats and the pattern is taken from the traditional mats that the Venda people make in the north of South Africa. Awesome colours...... It is difficult to find traditional African fabric made by the local African people in South Africa. Most fabrics are made in China these days. But, if you hunt for long enough, you will find it....... In Durban, South Africa and probably many other major cities in South Africa, there are 2 worlds. The first world city with it's western style shopping malls and then traditional Africa with the small shops and street markets etc. It is in the traditional African part of Durban that I must go to find the real African fabrics. I plan to go between Christmas and New Year - am on leave. I cannot wait..... The other way to find traditional African fabrics is to travel and visit countries like Ghana, Northern Mozambique, Kenya etc. I have itchy feet......but, alas, am constrained by the reality of being mom to triplets and needing to feed, clothe and educate them :D

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Saluki Puppy

The wonderful news is that my badly injured saluki puppy, Elef (see post, "Ode to a Dead daisy" for details) is well on her way to a full recovery. The vet changed the bandages last friday and was very happy with the way the wounds are healing. There is now very little chance of her losing her leg. What wonderful news........ Maybe I should now design and put together a quilt that celebrates her "return to life"...... :D

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Ode to a Dead Daisy

I am having a rough time at the moment. Last week was very difficult and this morning my gorgeous Saluki puppy was hurt on the beach. Some sharp object slashed her leg open cutting on of the branches of the main artery that runs down her leg. The blood pumped out of her leg. By using a tournique we managed to stop most of the bleeding. My husband carried her to the point where we could drive the car. He ran and collected the car and we rushed her off to the emergency vet. He stitched her up but was worried that the pressure of the stitches on the main artery would reduce blood flow to her leg and she could lose her leg. So we collected her late this afternoon, all looked well and 1 hour later took her back to the vet. The leg was bleeding heavily again. The vet re-operated to tie of the artery. So now there is a greater chance of her losing her leg. And I am devastated. I feel awful - a bit like this photo below. I will convert this photo into a piece of art and post it ....... watch this space.

The photo below is the beginning of the applique interpretation of the above picture. It is an pretty accurate representation. What I really want to do is move in a more abstract direction but I have no idea how to get there. Does anyone have any ideas? My puppy is so much better. She is bandaged and sedated to keep her quiet but she is alive and home. The rest I can cope with.

The three upright green leaves symbolise hope. As for the tea cup instead of a flower pot...... well, maybe poking a bit of fun at life and my emotional state, who knows. The tea cup just happened (LOL).

This is a photo of my puppy Elef Neshikot with all her bandaged legs. Her name means 1000 Kisses in Hebrew and she certainly lives up to her name. She is such an affectionate puppy. She comes from the Negev Desert in Israel and her mother was gifted to the breeder by the Bediouns in the Negev Desert. If you'd like to view more photos of her and her parents and family etc go to the website She is part of the "E" litter.