Sunday, 22 August 2010

Landscapes, Dog shows and Trees

A short while ago I traveled to Bloemfontein (a city more or less in the middle of South Africa) to attend 5 dog shows. For those of you that know me, I do competition obedience with one of my Giant Schnauzers. We traveled over Oliviershoek Pass, through Golden Gate, hugging the border with South Africa and Lesotho and onto Bloemfontein (translated as "Flower Fountain"). On the way we passed the Woodstock Dam. Here it is photographed from the top of Oliviershoek Pass.

It is winter in South Africa so most of the trees have lost their leaves. I really liked the shape of this tree. It was photographed at the school where the dog shows were held.

As an aside, it was so cold on Monday 9 August 2010, that I had to borrow a jacket for Alex. This is a photo of her in her borrowed bright pink jacket.