Monday, 29 March 2010

Time is still flying away

This is becoming a mantra (or a weak excuse at that). The reality is that there are just not enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done - anyone know how to extend the number of hours in a 24 hour day?

On a more serious note, I went on a road trip to a city (Johannesburg) about 600kms from my home town. I had to take my 2 beautiful Giant Schnauzers to the weekend dog shows and pick up my Burmese kitten from a good friend and bring her home. The Giants excelled at the shows. My little Giant (a contradiction in terms) collected her last point she needed to earn the title "Breed Champion". She was also Reserve Best of Breed on both days. Her litter brother won Best of Breed both days - we kept it in the family - :LOL. My big Giant Schnauzer excelled in her Obedience tests winning her Beginner's Obedience class with 98%. She then went into the Novice class ( a test twice as long and twice as difficult) and failed to qualify by 2.5% without any advanced training. I am really proud of both my Schnauzers......

 In places the scenery was awesome - from the Drakensberg mountains through the flat open lands of the Free State to the mine dumps of Egoli (Johannesburg, the city of Gold). The cosmos fields were absolutely stunning - the camera was packed away (am still kicking myself) so I didn't stop and take any photos. I've had to Google for some images of cosmos flower fields.

There are also kilometers and kilometers of electricity pylons running across the landscape. Most people would only see how their ugly gray steel structures pollute the landscape but.... have you noticed how many types there are and how intricate the designs are? Inspiration for a quilt? Aah yes, we are back to that elusive concept, "time to quilt". day soon, there will be photographs of a electricity pylon inspired quilt. "Hope springs eternal"

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Time flew away

Wow, I can't believe I last blogged in January. Time has really flown. I am going through a creative slump - I feel all dead inside so haven't quilted for ages. The hot humid weather has been a contributing factor. Summer is officially over so hopefully I'll be inspired to go back into my studio. Mmmm, this post really sounds like "excuses, excuses and more excuses".....I really miss quilting and the creative boost it brings. Teaching guitar to 25 pupils weekly is very rewarding but draining. By Wednesday evening, I am ready to fall into bed. Maybe the creative itch is being scratched by teaching guitar. Whatever the reasons are, I really hope to be inspired to get back into quilting soon.