Tuesday, 3 February 2015

2015 and Funky Fabric Dyeing

2015 has arrived - wow, what happened to 2014? Guess it's time to move on and embrace 2015 with both arms. I can't wait......

Summer is here in the Southern Hemisphere and we are having a hot dry summer - not so good for the farmers as Africa has a perennial water shortage under normal circumstances. It is however great news for those of us who use the hot African sun as a catalyst to create the most beautiful hand dyed fabric. A friend and I hand dyed about 20 metres of fabrics in the last couple of weeks. Now it's time to cut fabric, pack it and send it on it's way. Watch this space for our new venture and the destination of the fabric.

Some photos below of the fabric that being dyed, cut and sewed into a beautiful quilt top.

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